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Thule Bike Rack Review

Thule Bike Rack Review – We Review The Best-Selling and Highly Rated Thule Bike Racks


Product Reviewed: Thule Bike Racks

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thule bike rack review Thule Bike Rack Review

The Thule Sidearm RoofTop Upright Bike Carrier in Action! This Popular and Highly Reviewed Rack is Attractive, Sleek, Stylish, and Does a GREAT Job at Hauling Your Bike Safely and Securely

For years, Thule has made it their goal to offer their customers bike racks that keep bicycles truly safe and secure, no matter where you are driving, or in what conditions you venture through.  Any Thule bike rack review would be remiss to not point out that they they seem to be doing this quite well as user reviews are among the highest out of any type of outdoor accessory company.  It is this philosophy that has enabled them to become one of the most sought after brands in the world. Customers all over the globe have used these racks to transport their cargo, and after reading this Thule bike rack review information, you should have a good sense of whether or not the brand is a fit for you.  If you value dependability, brand recognition, attractiveness of a bike rack, and a generous warranty, the odds are great that you’ll find something to love in a Thule Bike Rack.  They really are among the elite of the best bike racks for cars.

With all of that said, Thule offers a wide variety of different racks to suit your needs. There are a number of different vehicle types and attachments, making it important that you choose the right rack to fit your specific car, truck, or SUV. The price of the bike rack depends on the model, as well as what type of vehicle you need the rack for.


Thule Bike Rack Review – The Different Types of Thule Racks and The BEST of Each


Roof racks are the basis of Thule’s lineup for all types of carriers they offer, from ski racks, to cargo carriers, and of course, bike racks.  There are quite a few advantages to Thule’s roof racks, the most notable of which is that you can use them for other things than bike racks when you aren’t carrying a bike.  They are also extremely well-built and designed to be “out of the way” at all times.  Not to mention, they basically scream “I love the outdoors, let’s go and play!” to you anytime you pass by.  For roof racks, Thule offers quite a few different models of great bike racks.  Among the most popular are the 594XT Sidearm, 518 Echelon, 598 Criterium, 513 Domestique, 517 Peloton, 516 Prologue, 599XTR Big Mouth, and the 558P Tandem Carrier Pivoting.

The Most Popular and BEST Reviewed Thule Bike Roof Rack is the Thule Sidearm Rooftop Upright Bike Carrier, Click HERE To Read User Reviews and See Info On

Hitch-mounted racks are perfect for anyone with a car or truck that features a trailer hitch in back.  These racks are sturdy, great looking, easy to use, and keeps your bikes arguably more safe and secure than any other type of rack. Thule also offers a wide range of hitch racks, like the 964 Revolver, 916XTR T2, 917XTR T2, 918XTR T2 Add-on for 916XTR, 954 Ridgeline, 971XT Helium, 970XT Helium, 990XT Doubletrack, 915XT Roadway. 914XT Roadway, 912XT Roadway, 956 Parkway, 957 Parkway, and 958 Parkway. With that said, don’t waste your time checking out ALL of those models.  We have again found the best and most highly-rated.

The Most Popular and BEST Reviewed Thule Bike Hitch Rack is the Thule Parkway Hitch Bike Carrier – 4 Bike, Click HERE To Read User Reviews and See Info on


thule bike racks review Thule Bike Rack Review

The Very BEST Thule Hitch-Mounted Rack, perfect for those with trailer hitches. These Racks are GREAT!


Trunk-mounted racks are a newer specialty of Thule, and they have been met with some great acclaim. For sedans and small cars, Thule has a number of great rear bike racks. Models like the 9003 Raceway Platform 2 Bike, 9002 Raceway 3 Bike, 9001 Raceway 2 Bike, 9010 Archway 3 Bike, 9009 Archway 2 Bike, 9007 Gateway 3 Bike, 9006 Gateway 2 Bike, 911Xt Passage 3 Bike, and 910XT Passage 2 Bike are all great racks that come at a reasonable price.

 The Most Popular and BEST Reviewed Thule Trunk-Mount Rack is the Thule Raceway 3 Bike Mount, Click HERE To Read User Reviews and See Info on


Basically, no matter what type of vehicle you have, Thule has a rack for you.  The absolute best decision you can make is to figure out if you want a roof rack, a hitch rack, or a trunk rack, and simply pick one up.  You will feel GREAT once you do this, as Thule has been proven to please with all of these racks.


Thule Bike Rack Review – User Reviews

If you are wondering about quality, all you need to do is listen to what customers who write bike racks reviews have to say.

One buyer who left a Thule bike racks review online stated that he was surprised by how easy it was to install, considering that he had never used a bike rack before. Another customer who left online feedback said that his bike rack is perfect for his active lifestyle. According to his Thule bike rack review, the product was a great value for the price. The few customers who left a semi-negative review, which are to be expected with any brand, were a tiny minority. Overall, judging by the amount of positive feedback from happy buyers, Thule makes great bike racks that don’t cost you an arm and a leg and deliver ten times your money’s worth.

Reviews Paraphrased For Size – Click HERE To Read The Full Reviews


Thule Bike Rack Review – Where To Buy

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our Thule Bike Rack Review. As always, we hope to see you out on the road on the way to your next biking adventure!

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